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Banners and Flags

Transform Your Signage with Our Outstanding Banners & Flags

Want to increase your business’s visibility and optimize your marketing potential? Intrepid’s vibrant banners & flags allow your store, shop, or office to stand out with a variety of affordable signage options. Cost-effective and portable, our flags and banners expand your exposure  in a variety of eye-catching ways, including:

  • Promoting musical events 
  • Advertising your location 
  • Announcing special sales or promotions
  • Marketing new services
  • Concealing your construction site
  • Launching new product lines 
  • Identifying speakers at conferences or other events
  • Directing traffic to your trade show booth
  • Informing seminar attendees of session times and locations
  • Directing concert or event attendees to food or merchandise vendors

Constructed of durable, weather-resistant vinyl, outdoor hanging banners increase visibility, add a touch of elegance to storefronts and stand out on sidewalks and roadways. For green signage solutions, fabric flags can be washed and ironed and retain their sharp images and text so that they can be reused. Our feather flags, popular in car lots, parking lots, and on street corners bring attention to your business and move playfully with the wind. Teardrop flags hang high and display bold graphic images that attract customers. 

Indoor banners & flags can move your customers to take advantage of special sales in specific areas of your retail location, direct traffic on concourses, attract customers to your business and offer additional graphic space for expanding your brand exposure. Retractable banners offer easy to transport and set up trade show booth signage and banner kits that draw attendees to your space.

Completely customizable, Intrepid’s flags and banners can accommodate a variety of size options, along with an incredible selection of colors, fonts, and graphics. Know what you want or need some help putting your vision together? Either way, Signarama is here to help make your banners and flags as impactful as possible with our quality materials.

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