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Wayfinding, Plaques and ADA Signage

Direct People in the Right Direction...

Wayfinding and Directional Signs help people get to where they need to go quickly and safely. Wayfinding signs make it easier for clients, visitors, vendors and employees find locations throughout your business. Wayfinding signage is not only functional, but it can also be customized to fit your brand.  

We offers custom directional signage to help showcase your brand while enhancing your location. We offer a variety of design options and utilize high-grade materials to bring your sign’s design to life, fitting seamlessly into your building’s design and budget.  

We can create wall plaques for standard signage, address plaques, company plaques and way-finding programs. Metal plaques offer durability, fine detail and a lasting luster that add a sense of permanence and tradition to corporate offices, homes and public

Intrepid Signs can create modern and contemporary signage for corporations, creating stylish logo plaques with unique designs and finishes. Our designers can translate business logos onto metal plates that match a company’s unique identity. Branded wall plaques made of either etched stainless steel or cast aluminum offer a stylish, contemporary look that is well suited for high-­end, luxury brands. Our cast bronze plaques provide a traditional look for established organizations that want to promote their timeless brand appeal.spaces. A variety of mounting options are available.

ADA Signs, required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are designed to make sure everyone, with or without a disability or impairment, can easily navigate through your building. It is required to incorporate these signs, not only to pass inspections, but to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees, patrons, and guests.  

Intrepid can help you customize your ADA signage that fits your brand and overall aesthetics while adhering to ADA requirements, including: 

  • Braille signs 
  • Tactile signs 
  • Room number signs 
  • Restroom signs 
  • Handicap accessible signs 

Regardless of the industry or size of your business, it’s important to display ADA signage at entrances, exits, elevators, restrooms and even your parking area. These signs can be custom to match your business, with a variety of colors, designs, materials, and finishes that stay within ADA standards. Intrepid Signs can help you keep your business safe for all who come through your door while maintaining your brand identity.

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