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Even More Signage Solutions That We Offer...

Did you know that Intrepid Signs is a one-stop-shop for all of your sign needs? From design, strategy, creation, and installation, our team can help bring any project you have in mind to life. Whether or not your sign project was designed and built by Intrepid Signs, our knowledgable team can help guide you through even the most challenging  installation process.

Our experienced installers specialize in indoor and outdoor sign installation in a variety of conditions and environments. They utilize a variety of fleet equipment such as bucket trucks, scissor lifts, and cherry pickers to ensure the installation process is seamless and nothing short of your expectations. We are customer service focused and will ensure a proper and safe installation for your sign. If any unexpected issues or challenges arise, a knowledgeable team of sign experts will respond and troubleshoot on-site so that your project stays on deadline. 

We know the ropes, and handle all permitting which may include; engineering, land surveys, etc. Every municipality is different. We have dealt with most all of them from Fort Bend and Harris County and many other surrounding cities.

After the preliminaries are taken care of, it’s time to get ‘Hands On’ and start building something. We are fortunate to live in a time of computerized design and manufacturing. These advances have decreased time frames as well as increased capabilities. But it still takes a seasoned eye with ample experience to know what to ask the equipment to do.

We house several departments, including; art – vinyl – computer-aided design, CNC routing, steel & aluminum fabrication & welding, letter forming, plastics, sheet metal forming & fabrication, painting and coatings all with specialized equipment and most importantly; highly qualified technicians to operate them. Our capabilities are virtually unlimited, and we are always eager for a new challenge.

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