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Light the Way with Intrepid’s Lighted Signs

When your goal is to make an impact and get a big bang for your buck, lighted signs are the way to go. Lighted signs allow you to be creative, include your brand colors, and attract the attention of all passersby, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. You never want your business in the dark! When choosing the right type of lighted signs, Intrepid Signs can offer options and ideas to help you make a decision.

There are actual benefits to installing modern lighted signs such as lightboxes and LED backlit signs for your business. For example, they have a long life because quality LEDs can last as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Additionally, they are much more eye-catching because of their brightness and their appearance is more impressive to customers. Then, of course, there is the fact that they are environmentally friendly and are incredibly low maintenance. They have lower power requirements, which means there is a reduction in electricity costs, and as mentioned previously, they can last for up to seven years so re-installation is not as frequent.

Lightboxes, a type of illuminated sign, are an eye-catching way to draw attention to your business or brand. Lightboxes also tend to be more practical because they are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to change should your logo or brand need updates. 

Illuminated signage allows your business to be seen no matter where its located or what time of day it is. Custom lightboxes from Intrepid Signs provide a visually appealing way to communicate with your customers. Lightboxes are used for both indoor and outdoor displays. 

No matter what industry you and your business are in – retail, restaurant, community center, or education – your business will benefit from the visibility of lightboxes. They can be custom made to best display your brand and will help your business stand out.  

Intrepid Sign’s Channel Letters are an eye catching choice in signage because of there 3 dimensional look. Your logo and lettering in brilliant colors each designed like little individual signs. Businesses in Malls or main street agree that the channel letter look is the way to go.

Channel letters consist of a full enclosure, usually an aluminum box, having a rear surface which is mounted on a raceway or the wall of the building . A light source such as LED’s are attached to the rear surface to provide illumination for the letter.  3d  illuminated or non illuminated channel letters are an ideal choice. Every set of channel letters is custom designed  High-efficiency L.E.D. lighting. Intrepid Signs specializes in this type of electrical sign solution due to its high efficiency and low maintenance characteristics.

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