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Construction signs are durable and prominently displayed graphics that communicate important safety information related to various building projects and road work. They are normally made of coroplast, aluminum, or PVC, and can be either handheld for traffic direction, or installed on a construction fence, pole or building frame. Safety signs need to be clear, bright and often have to use regulation colors, size fonts and letter sizes, which is why it’s important to seek out an experienced sign maker — whether for stock “off the rack” construction signs or custom construction signs — rather than try to cut corners at your local discount store.

Any time you’re taking on a new construction job, you’re going to need high quality, durable signs that will capture people’s attention and ensure that they are informed of what is going on around them. Intrepid Signs can create all of these signs, including:

We create DOT signs that can be used and reused as needed, along with all types of work in progress signs, OSHA approved signs, commercial signs, residential signs, and more. We have multiple colors and styles available, as well as shapes that will get you noticed. We can also make sure that your signs are created with tough, high-grade material that can withstand the elements or be visible under low lighting as needed.

We know how crucial these signs can be for the safety of you, your workers, and those around a work area, so we make sure that our signs are durable, well made.

Construction Sign Material Details 




Coroplast – Corrugated plastic that is fluted like cardboard. Flutes reinforce two outside layers they are sandwiched between.

Inexpensive, lightweight, and weather resistant. The flutes can also be used to easily install wire brackets that we provide.

May buckle, fold, and blow away under strong wind conditions, less strong than both solid PVC and aluminum. Fades in sunlight over time.


Aluminum – Low density, light weight metal which is more rigid than plastic but more flexible than other metals.

Structurally stronger and more durable than either coroplast or PVC, aluminum will structurally last for years.

More expensive than either coroplast or PVC. Aluminum is susceptible to scratches and letters can eventually fade like plastic.

Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum – Meets ASTM D4956 Type 1 standards. Uses glass bead prismatic optical technology. Comes in white, yellow, red, blue, green, and brown.

Great for parking signs, non-critical work area signs or directional signs. Lasts without fading for 5-7 years. More economical than either high intensity or Diamond Grade reflective aluminum.

Not as reflective or long-lasting as either High Intensity or Diamond Grade aluminum. While this retroreflective material is expected to last 5-7 years without fading it is not considered “long term”.

High-Intensity Reflective Aluminum – Meets ASTM for D4956-09 Type III, Type IV, and ASTM 4956-07 Type X. Uses micro prismatic lenses. Comes in white, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, and brown

Used in critical builders site signs, road construction signs, and barricades. Reflective both in daylight and at night. Meets all 4 FHWA retro-reflectivity standards. Comes with a 10 year warranty.

More expensive than Engineer Grade Reflective aluminum. While High-Intensity Reflective aluminum is considered as having mid to long-range durability, it does not last quite as long as Diamond Grade Reflective aluminum.

Diamond Grade Reflective Aluminum – Meets ASTM Type XI standard. Features full cube prismatic reflective sheeting. Comes in white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and brown

Returns 60% of available light. Is warranted for 12 years. Pending federal legislation will soon mandate many critical caution signs be updated to this grade in coming years.

More expensive than either Engineer grade aluminum or High Intensity Reflective aluminum. May not be necessary for non-critical construction signs or certain types of informational road signs.