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Channel Letters / Illuminated Signs

Some signs do a better job sending a message than others. Channel letter signs are perhaps one of the most effective at drawing people’s attention from a distance both day and night. These backlit letters act as a great branding tool, capable of identifying a store from far away and drawing people to your door.

How Businesses Use Channel Letters?

Nearly all major corporations use channel letters in some way, because channel letters, unlike many other types of signs, are one of the easiest to read from any distance, and provide backlit lighting so that your business name can be seen both during the day and at night.

Every lighted letter can be customized with the right font or colors, so that it still represents the brand you’re trying to put forward. 

Company Name – These signs are most commonly used as a way to advertise the store name. Most major companies use channel letters to craft signs that tell others where their store is located, and are especially useful if your store has become a well known brand.

Company Services/Products – Many others use these signs to advertise their products, like “BAGELS,” “PHARMACY” or “PIZZA.” When your brand isn’t as well known or you are trying to compete for business from those that walk by, channel letters for your products or services can be a great way to capture people’s attention.

Illuminated sign letters make it far easier to get noticed, and when they’re customized according to your brand and products, they have the potential to draw in both short and long term business.

Sign Design, Sign Repair and Sign Installation Services 

Intrepid Signs also provides supplementary services to make it easier for you to focus on your business while we focus on your channel letters. These services include:

Channel Letter Design – We know that not every business has the tools or ability to design channel letters. We supply you with design services that make sure that your signs are ready to be fabricated, and are happy to provide guidance and feedback if you’re not sure where to start.

Channel Letter Installation – Setup for channel letters tends to require expertise, especially to make sure that the lighting is correctly in place and that the signs are safely secured to the store. Our sign installation services for store letters ensure your signs are ready to draw attention to your store.

Channel Letter Sign Repair – Although modern channel letters, like LED channel letters, rarely need to be repaired or replaced, some of the older models do require maintenance. In addition, weather and vandalism can cause their own problems. We can assist with sign repair and replacement as needed for all your channel letters – even those we did not help create.

Channel letters are so important to your store, and all it takes is one missing letter, one incorrectly installed sign, or one poorly planned design to hurt your ability to draw in business. 

Front Lit channel letters are the most common letter configuration. As the title implies, this letter type emits illumination only from the front (face) of the letters. Front lit letters are also called “standard” channel letters.

Reverse Lit channel letters emit illumination only from the back of the letters. Reverse lit channel letters have sealed faces, and the illumination forms behind these letters. Reverse channel letters are also called “halo lit” letters.

Front/Back Lit letters produce illumination from both the front and back of the letters, giving them a dynamic and dramatic appearance.

Open Face channel letters are tipically clear acrylic faces, covering the beatiful glow of neon.

Mounting Channel Letters

Whatever your choice in channel letter types, they are typically installed two ways:

Flush Mounted: These channels letters are attached directly to the façade of the building. Each letter has 3-5 holes to secure the stud that hold up the letter and the power wire. Installers must be able to access the backside of the installation wall.

Raceway or Wire Way Mounted: Here, the channel letters are affixed to a rectangular structure called a “raceway.” The raceway is then mounted to the building. Raceway mounting has the advantage of drilling fewer holes in the building and less time on installation saving you $.

How does the process work?

  • During the concept generation phase we do a site survey to ensure that we understand all the requirements to meet or exceed your local building codes.
  • Also we need a copy of your Landlord or Owner’s Association or Deed Restrictions to comply with limitations, some may require that their organization approve our plans prior to submitted to the city.
  • After the site survey we will give you an exact price after all that is why we came to survey your building.
  • Permitting, most cities are 10 days to 3 weeks wait to receive sign & or electrical permits.
    Fabrication only starts after deposit is placed and permit is approved.
  • Fabrication has a few variables based on size and complexity but generally takes 2- 3 weeks.
  • Installation generally takes place 4-6 weeks after permit is approved & deposit is made.

Send your files to to further discuss your project.

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