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7 Considerations in Buying an EMC

Humans have managed to reach a new record, or a new low point depending on how you look at it. A goldfish swims a lap around its bowl in average nine seconds before changing its path. It is critical to be able to grab and hold onto your customers’ attention before those eight seconds run out and they move onto the next thing. One of the things that has shown over time that it is able to do this is digital signage. It’s not just traditional digital displays that have an effect, research shows that consumer recall jumps to 55% when asked about outdoor digital billboards that they have seen.

So, use these 7 reasons to help convince those last hold-outs at your company, that digital display boards are the wave of the future.

1. Costs

As the chart above shows, technology across a wide variety of categories, such as televisions and personal computers has been decreasing over the past 20 years. And there is no reason to believe that this trend will not continue in the near future. Previously, the idea of setting up a digital display board seemed out of reach for the average small-medium sized business.

Once you sort out the screens which you want to use to display your content. The next steps is to find the best, cheap digital signage provider. So, what additional costs should you expect when trying to set up a digital display project.

2. Flexibility

The world is constantly changing and your customers expect that your store is able to provide them with a new experience everytime they visit. Depending on the type of business that you run, flexibility will take different forms, but it will always be there. So let’s look at some examples. If you run a restaurant, you know that customers are always looking for a mix of their old favorites and new seasonal dishes that highlight your artistry at work. Digital Signage helps to address this by allowing you to display specials without needing to print new materials that you won’t need in a couple of weeks.

Additionally, another way to think about how flexible digital displays can be is to imagine that you are on vacation and something unexpected comes up. With a digital sign system and an internet connection, you can make updates to your displays from anywhere. Now, that’s some flexibility.

3. Variety

They say that variety is the spice of life. So, how often are you varying your product offerings or showcasing your new offerings.  Sometimes you’ve mastered the art of having a variety of products but need a new way to get your customers to notice them: enter the world of digital displays. Develop a playlist that allows you to highlight when there is a new product offering without alienating your customers who are looking for their favorites.

4. Attention

If you want to get more than eight seconds of attention out of your customers, then you need to give them a reason to pay attention and stay engaged. Studies have shown that up to 70% of the population is now exposed to digital signs on a regular basis.

5. Increased sales

Whether it is to communicate discounts, display pricing or provide targeted offers, both print, and digital displays share a common goal: increasing sales and profits. But there are important ways in which digital has an edge. For example, a recent study of food products put traditional and digital advertising in a head to head battle. As expected, since most advertising if done effectively will tend to increase sales, print advertising ended up increasing sales by 15%. Digital advertising, on the other hand, showed an increase of 49% in sales on the advertised products.  So, given the continued decrease in the costs (see point 1) associated with decreasing

6. Customization

One of the best features about digital signs is they can be used by everyone, large or small. Given the variety of digital software companies which are currently on the market, there should be no difficulty finding one that is designed to meet your business needs.

7. Customer Retention

Customers have been shifting into an experience-driven world and their shopping experience should match their expectations. If you are looking for more information, you can check out our YouTube channel and below is the first chapter in our recent Future of Retail series.

Digitalization helps you to transform your brand into an experience that you can shape and share with your customers on your terms. According to a PriceWaterhouseCooper study, 59% of consumers already expect personalized information and offers the moment they enter a business. By incorporating interactive digital displays, you can help customers to obtain the information they are looking for quickly and easily. This helps the customer and frees up your in-store employees to address other customer concerns.

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